The Prowl Media x Qasim Ali Shah

The Prowl Media hosted a One Day Hybrid session with Sir Qasim Ali Shah on the topic of Freelancing Opportunities in Pakistan. Qasim Ali shah is known for his extraordinary speaking skills on the various topics which made him a great trainer of time across Pakistan and internationally as well.

The Prowl Media emphasizes on enabling the earning ventures for the skilled and youth nation of Pakistan where they can fetch real-time business from Pakistan’s market as well as international markets.

Keeping this in mind, The Prowl Media successfully hosted and delivered the One Day Hybrid Workshop where numerous Freelancers from diverse background participated and benefited their intellect. At the end, CEO of The Prowl Media Ms. Zara Ali presented an Honorary Souvenir to Sir Qasim Ali Shah.

This is how we are rolling! Stay tuned for upcoming sessions!

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